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ANCHOR hot dogs are specially made using sausage from [Ikeguchi Meat Shop] and koppe-pan (long rolls) from [The Standard Bakery]!! These extremely juicy hot dogs are completely hand-made. And, the koppe-pan (long rolls) is made by using locally produced whole wheat, characterized by a mouth-watering country-style flavor and a slight springiness. The menu also includes your choice of original blend coffee by DEER BRAND COFFEE or freshly squeezed fruit juice.

※OPEN 6:30 ~ 11:00
※Visitors are also welcome for breakfast.
 price hot dog 650  Drink 500
 (Inclusive of tax)
※There is no charge for breakfast for hotel guests.

All-you-can-eat buffet-style breakfast at Fukuyama Oriental Hotel
All-you-can-eat buffet-style breakfast is available at 800 yen per person at Fukuyama Oriental Hotel three buildings down from this hotel. Indulge in six types of curries all given the thumbs-up by online reviews, and local cuisine “uzumi.”

※OPEN 6:30 ~ 9:30
※We are closed from 12/30 to 1/3