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“Experience-based town guide” designed by a college student!


Hinako Nanba

Local college students showing hospitality to overseas visitors

“Anchorists” refer to a team of local college students who provide hospitality not only to ANCHOR HOTEL guests but also to other hotel guests, locals, and other participants. They just don’t simply serve drinks.
One of the Anchorists, says, “If you are spending some time in Fukuyama, I would like to become friends with you. Let’s make a few memories together,” says Ms. Hinako Namba from the Department of Japanese Literature, Onomichi City University. She says she would like the guests to have a feeling of “just having fun.”

Enjoying the city together with guests

Anchorist-style hospitality is based on “purpose-specific guides.” For visitors who love SNS and aim to “go viral” on the net, the Anchorists host the “10 bowls of ramen challenge tour.” As a long-term resident, Ms. Namba, a native of Fukuyama City, serves as a tour guide on walks through the streets of the city pointing out interesting tidbits while injecting local history and a few stories that even locals say, “I didn’t know that!”

One day plan: Japanese-style pub, castle, and okonomiyaki party

On this particular day, instruction was given to four travelers from Poland on how to make Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki! In the restaurant on the first floor of the “Fukuyama Oriental Hotel,” an okonomiyaki-making party was held. It is known that even local people struggle to make okonomiyaki successfully. On that day, drinks were also had at a Japanese-style pub, drinking Japanese sake from a masu container, and tasting “Homeishu,” a specialty of Tomonoura, and feeling high-spirited, they took commemorative photos in samurai cosplay in front of Fukuyama Castle. Ms. Namba remarked, “There was something of a language barrier, but we could develop friendships with the intention of “making some wonderful memories.” On this occasion, we made use of our youthful enthusiasm.”

Aiming to be a guide who can also satisfy local people

Ms. Namba became an Anchorist because of the company internship program run by Onomichi City University. She was intrigued by ANCHOR HOTEL’s concept of “building a hotel closely linked to the city” and took up the challenge.
Ms. Namba says, “All hotel services I knew were seen from the perspective of how to spend time comfortably in a hotel. I wanted to offer services to make “travel” itself comfortable by providing tourist information and experiences suited to guests’ needs.” At present, only night plans are available within walking distance of ANCHOR HOTEL, but she says she would like to expand the area and times offered in the future.
“It would be great if I could act as a Fukuyama experience guide who can satisfy even local people!” Why not join them and make friends with college students?


The team of “Anchorists” composed of local college students plans excursions for enjoying the city together with guests. Make your stay at the hotel the “memories of your trip.”


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Local excursion guide services by college students from around Fukuyama City. The team of college students called “Anchorists” plans excursions for thorough enjoyment of the local area, including the area around Fukuyama Station. We welcome all overseas and local visitors as well as hotel guests. Enjoy themes from historical excursions to gourmet tours.

with you, to you.